Monday, April 2, 2012

Inspire: Cookbooks

In the Kitchen...

I love cookbooks, and I can't help it. G and I have amassed a huge collection which might be unnecessary for many people- but we actually use them.

Our staples:

Barefoot Contessa series (Original, Back-to-Basics, Family Style)
Homesick Texan, Amazon
Joy of Cooking (I have my grandmother's 1964 copy), Amazon
Better Homes and Garden, Amazon
Beekman House Heirloom, Amazon
Produce Bible, on Amazon

Charlotte's Favorites:

Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen, Amazon
Alice Bay, Amazon apparently this is out of print... so the copies on Amazon are expensive
Pike Place Market, on Amazon
Toll House Recipes, on Amazon
Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, on Amazon

G's Favorites:

Don Strange of Texas, on Amazon
Star of Texas, on Amazon
Aggie Moms and Apple Pie (somebody is an Aggie), on Barnes & Noble
Talk About Good, on Amazon
Mad Hungry: Feeding Hungry Men and Boys, on Amazon

Funny how you can tell where a person is from based on their cookbooks :)

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