Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Day in the Garden

A few blocks southeast from our new apartment is Cheesman Park in the heart of Capitol Hill.

Cheesman is gorgeous with a nice running park and lots of green space. It even has a picture perfect neoclassical pavilion surrounded by a rose garden.

This part Saturday I treated myself to a nice day in the park while G was entertaining his brother who flew into town.

I met this guy (see above squirrel) who was none to happy about me hanging out near his tree. After running around the park I stopped by Cheesman's neighbor, the Denver Botanical Gardens.

The gardens are so much nicer than I thought they would be! It only costs $12.50 for a whole day in the different gardens.

Some of my favorite garden shots:

Very Provencial! Feeling like Southern France

Polka dotted orchids!
This is in the tropical conservatory. Reminds me of Swiss Family Robinson!

I've always loved clematises!

At the end of the day I decided I wanted to come back as the season's change so I stopped by the visitor's office and asked about membership options. It turned out that they had a special that day, so if you had already paid for admission they took that place an additional amount of time off the membership costs. I ended up getting a membership for 2 for only $45 ($20 off the list price)!

If I go by myself just 3 more times I pay it off! If I drag G, it pays for itself in even less trips!
I also got a free pass to go to the Garden's CORN MAZE near Littleton. I dragged G and my cousin out for the adventure:

We managed to finish the maze in under an hour! Such winners! We celebrated with burgers afterwards.

Things I learned:

1) I'm really excited to watch the leaves turn colors at the park
2) I'm never bringing kids to a full size corn maze. Disaster waiting to happen.
3) My younger cousin is pretty awesome
4) Squirrels are very possessive of their trees
5) I want a tropical conservatory in my home, complete with tree house, stat

Monday, October 1, 2012

Take me back to Mystic

Right before we left New England for the Rocky Mountains, we did a very quintessential New England thing... 

We took a road trip to the Connecticut coast and loaded up on lobster (lobstah) rolls.

After our 100 mile journey we found ourselves at Abbotts in the Rough in Noank, Connecticut which is just due west of Mystic (y'know famous for that movie with Julia Roberts and pizza).

The evening was perfect.