Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello, Houston!

I'm just now recovering from my weekend in Houston...

G and I flew down Friday afternoon and spent the night and his parents' gorgeous house villa north of downtown. While I didn't get to see any armadillos (I'm curious, okay?) I did get to see their resident bunny hopping around. Their backyard looks out onto the Woodforest Golf Course, so I spent early Saturday morning lounging out enjoying the view and reading (I'm on book 3 of Hunger Games).

We headed into downtown after a late breakfast for drinks and catching up with friends. We then proceeded to get ready and scramble to the wedding. It was a great ceremony- short and sweet with personal touches. The bridesmaids all wore black chiffon J.Crew dresses, and the groomsman wore black cowboy boots. We headed across town to the Junior League of Houston for the reception.

As you can see, there were a lot of Aggies at the party! I was the only non-Aggie at my table- Texarkana- but at least I'm not a Longhorn :)

The venue was gorgeous- with huge crystal chandeliers scattered throughout, and several (open) bars so you never had to wait too long for a drink. After the party ended we created our own at Fung Fu Saloon.

Sunday morning was rough, but we made it over to the sketchy area of town for breakfast at Gerrardos so G could get his fix of barbacoa. I ate... blue powerade. We made it to the airport and I proceeded to sleep on the flights home.

Can't wait for Austin in June!

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