A 100 Lists

Ghetto blasters, phony jewels
Cathedrals, castles, makin' up rules
Trashy novels and leather gloves
This is a list of the things that I love

I am a girl of 100 lists
From what shall I wear to who I have kissed
Check items off, let nothing be missed
I sing to myself and my 100 lists.

This song is one of my favorites by The Go-Go's, and it speaks to my sometimes annoying habit of making lists for everything and anything.

But I'm only going to give you one list on this page, my so called dream list.

1. Visit the U.K.
2.  Visit France, specifically Loirre Valley and Normandy

3. Visit the Amalfi Coast, Italy
4.  Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
5.  Las Vegas, NV
6.  San Francisco, CA
7.  Savannah, GA
8.  Palm Beach, FL
9.  Atlantis Resort, Bahamas
10. Hogwarts (Orlando, FL)
11.  Swim in the Caribbean Sea
12.  Swim in the Pacific Ocean
13.  Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
14.  Visit the Biltmore Estate

15.  Go on a cruise
16.  Red Sox game at Fenway Park
17.  Niagra Falls
18.  Chicago, IL
19.  Chichen Itza
20.  See the Northern Lights
21. Go to Hollywood/ LA (again)
22. Empire State Building/ Statue of Liberty/ NYC
23. Own a Chanel Quilted Bag
24. Own a Chanel skirt suit
25.  Adopt a manatee
26.  Go to NY Fashion Week
27.  Ride the subway
28.  Go sailing
29.  Own a Birkin Bag
30.  Ride in a hot air balloon
31.  Monte Carlo, Monaco
32.  Puerto Rico
33.  Quebec
34.  Japan
35.  Own a home
36.  Own a walk-in closet

37.  Buy a nice camera
38.  Have skinny legs
39.  Get another tattoo
40. Relearn French
41. Take a class on blowing glass

One day!