Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love: New Neighbors...

We got a new neighbor, just in time for warm weather... 

Blooming Dogwood tree

I went to water my pansies (which were looking pretty sad in their hanging baskets when a robin flew out in a flurry. So I got on my step stool and peered in to find...

So excited for baby robins! Don't worry I saw Mama Bird come back to her nest several times later in the day so I didn't scare her off for good!

Love seeing these on my walk home

Time for linen! Skirt by JCrew

Someone was pleased with the weather...

My favorite building on G's campus
Loved this combo in the hotel's atrium
I also went shopping while G was working on Saturday and out of the corner spotted Jack Rodgers. Too bad they are ripoffs (and the quality was sooo bad- not even worth the $30).

I did end up buying a pair of two-toned pumps that look like the classic Chanel ones, but were really cheap. Mine are from Franco Sarto, and only cost $22 (yay for clearance and size 6 feet). I found a photo on another blog that shows them off really well (here!).

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