Monday, January 30, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pink & Green Thursdays

So I've been missing my regular update days, but never fear I'm back on schedule. Here's a few items I'm coveting from Kate Spade:

 So I actually have this dress with longer sleeves....

It would match my new baby!

My coloring is like the second model's (dark hair, pale skin) so I can totally pull the bright colors off, right?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Preppy Inspiration: College in New England

Ivy Day

Antique shopping with G

Mums the word.

Glass houses


Browsing Room

Mountain Day means apple picking

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Home Sweet Seattle

I sure can pick 'em. I just got back from a wonderful, yet frustrating, trip home to Seattle to visit my folks.
Seattle from Bellevue
 If you didn't hear, Seattle got dumped on last week. The average amount of snow Seattle gets in a year is 5-6 inches. This last week they got 12- 18 inches, with about 15 inches in my parents' backyard. The storm started my second full day in town, so while it ruined most of my plans, I still got to sneak in some fun.
Snow + Evergreens
We had dinner at Claim Jumper, which is a tradition. Mostly we go there because we can get away with acting crazy. 
Motherload Cake
I went to a party my first real night in town and got to catch up with a bunch of my guy friends (now remember I didn't exactly have many female friends in high school) and their ladies. The next day I managed to drive my jeep wrangler in the light snow and ice over for conveyor belt sushi, something they do not have back in W. Mass but is prevalent on the Eastside.

Also seen on the Eastside: toy dogs.
The second night in town I caught up with my friend Schu and some of his fraternity brothers. We filled up on Dick's burgers and ended up going to a "white trash party" at a high school friends place in Greenlake. No photos were taken in my ugly getup, so don't even ask. We ended up at Leny's Tavern where I bumped into another high school classmate who I hadn't seen since 2006.

The view from Ivars: Fire boats and Ferries
 On Sunday my family and I trudged down to the waterfront for dinner at Ivar's. I filled up on local oysters. Oysters taste differently based on where they come from, and people aficionados say that the Puget Sound has the best- so I indulged. I also enjoyed real Tex-Mex food while I was home at our favorite place, Ixtapa.
Oysters Rockefeller

All done


 Between all the food, I went shopping and shopping and more shopping. I must have gone to Nordstrom's 5 or 6 times. I ended up buying: a new Kate Spade dress, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 sweaters, 2 books, and 1 Hello Kitty.

Charlotte vs Size 18 sneaker

My shoes on the left (duh)
Old family photos

My brother's cute tub
I also got to see my grandpa several times, which is always a treat. He is 84 years young and still lives by himself and goes hunting. I hope to go back in August, when it will not be snowing.