About Brick & Ivy

About Brick and Ivy.

Brick & Ivy is a blog about everything that I love, have, want, eat, or am inspired by. The name is something that popped in my head during college, where I was surrounded by brick and ivy. I loved the classic look of buildings draped with ivy, and thought that it represented not only ivy league or preppy style, but also who I have become as a person- old mixing with new.

About the author:

I'm Charlotte, and I'm a fashion lover, bunny owner and baker. I enjoy creating outfits, baking (I'm a big fan of desserts), and watching trashy TV.

I am originally from outside of Seattle, Washington but moved to New England for college. I went to Smith College, in Northampton, Massachusetts and graduated with a B.A. in Government and a Minor in Environmental Science.  I hope to go on to graduate school one day to pursue a J.D. on a Ph.D. in Environmental or Labor Studies.

In the meantime I am an immigration paralegal in a small boutique firm in the Pioneer Valley. I love my work, and believe in America as a melting pot. I specifically deal with the business side of immigration- getting clients work visas and letting them live the American Dream.

I met my boyfriend, G, just before my senior year. G is in graduate school at the nearby University, and we are staying in Northampton until he gets his Ph.D.! I'm not the biggest fan of these New England winters, so once he does graduate we are out of here.  G and I live with our baby, a rex mini-lop mix bunny named Socks. G was raised in Texas and bleeds Maroon, and he is one of the smartest people I know.

Socks is a rescue bunny, and is spoiled rotten. He eats organic romaine lettuce that we pick up from the farmer's market when we can. His favorite treats are gala apples, carrots, dandelion greens and alfalfa. He has the run of the house and is litter box trained (yes you can litter box train a bunny). His favorite spots are under the kitchen table and next to our bookcases where he can spy on us.

We live a happy life and always leave room for dessert.