Monday, October 31, 2011

Have: Too Much Snow

So much for a Halloween Weekend! I knew it was going to be a cold Halloween (it always is here in New England) but I was not expecting so much SNOW. 

Most of the parties G and I were invited to were on Saturday, Oct. 29th- which is the only real time adults with real jobs can party since Halloween this year falls on a Monday.

On Friday the weather forecast said we would be getting a light snow (1-2 inches) but that it would clear up in the afternoon. On Friday evening the news said we would be getting 4-6 inches, starting around 4pm, and that while there may be a few power outages, 4-6 inches this time of year wouldn't too much harm.

Boy were they wrong. On Saturday morning there was a light dusting of snow, and around 2pm big chunks of the white stuff was landing on the ground- and sticking. By 8pm we easily had 7 inches of snow. We couldn't get out of our drive way, nor did we really want to risk getting stuck on our way to/from the parties.
This was an hour of snowing.

Instead G worked on his mac until it died while I read. G and I walked into town to see if anything was open. I remember the sky glowing a weird rose color. Did I mention our power went out at 6pm? It flickered back on for a whole 30 minutes before it died again. Our town is set up on a really weird grid system- so sometimes one side of the street has no power, but every third building on the other side does.

Luckily we have a bunch of candles

Luckily the bank had power, so the ATMs were working and we loaded up on cash-monies. We heard one of the local bars was open so we headed that way. Packard's was open for business- sans power- and serving libations. Drinks were pretty limited since some of the machines weren't working (soda, juice) but it proved memorable to have what felt like everyone in town huddled together holding conversations by candle light.

When we got out there was no power- even the buildings that had power on the way there had lost it by the walk home. The next morning we got up and formulated a plan: 1) get out 2) search for food 3) get internet (G needed to work on his robotics stuff). We shoveled out driveway for step up- it was pretty easy since the snow was so wet it stuck together, and headed towards the University. Nothing was open on the way there, and there was down powerlines and trees everywhere.

Thankfully, the University has it's own grid, with its own power generator, and with few trees next to power lines. Voila, power! The University's power/internet was working, and well as its dining. It was the only place up and running for miles.

The only nice thing the weather brought was the pretty juxtaposition of deep fall colors against pristine white snow. I stole this photo from twitter:

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Inspire: Vintage frames and art

Our apartment is slightly cluttered, and our wall space is filled up with a lot of my posters, but I wouldn't change it at all.

Love redoing old frames in bright colors

Can you tell Conor Oberst is my favorite?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Love: Customized Velvet Slippers

Did you know you can customize a pair of Stubbs and Wootton velvet slippers?

I really want a pair in navy and white or navy and pink. Too bad they are more than I spend on groceries in a month.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

Love: Vintage lace

I have an addiction to vintage, and a craving for lace cocktail dresses that can't be cured.

This is one of my favorites, though I don't wear it as often as I should since it is a little too big.

I also am planning on replacing the buttons on the back once I found the right set.

Lace detail:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pink & Green Thursdays

Shauna Tunic Dress, $198

Tate Skirt, $98

Jeanette Dress, $298

Rivia Flounce Top, $68

All items Lilly Pulitzer

Monday, October 17, 2011

Love: Elliott Lucca handbags

I love Elliott Lucca bags. My go-to brown leather bag is by Elliott Lucca and I am so happy with how it has held up with all my abuse.

There was an Elliott Lucca boutique on RueLaLa the other day and I loved this Milana bag. Too bad I didn't snag it while it was there.

Also was envious of these Sperry rain boots. Totally ready for sailing!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Want: New Winter Jacket

Winter's coming. That was a totally nerdy reference to A Song of Ice and Fire, better known as the Game of Thrones series. G is a huge fan of the series and has read all of them (before the show even came out).

Even though it is fall in New England, I know from experience that winter is just around the corner. The Burton snowboarding jacket I've been using since I started skiing at 13 is on its last legs. It just doesn't keep me as warm anymore and its no longer the color I bought it.

Last year I barely used it since G and I didn't get ski passes, and for the super cold winter days I wear a LL Bean ultrawarm down coat for the walk to work.

But this year we have season passes to Mount Snow (yay) and I need to suck it up and buy a ski jacket that keeps me warm. I'm not the biggest fan of tight fitting jackets which is why I've always been drawn to the boxy snowboarding jackets.

Here are the contenders:

LL Bean's Mountain Laurel 3-in-1

Things I like: the heathered look to the jacket fabric, and the crazy cool quilting on the inner jacket which I would totally look on its own. Also the price is great at $160 + free shipping from LL Bean.

Things I don't like: That the website doesn't tell me how many pockets there are (I love pockets!). The reviews say it is a little short and barely hits at the hips, but I'm short so I hope that doesn't pose a problem. This jacket also doesn't seem to be designed for skiing/boarding and might lack sport-specific features.

North Face's Kira Triclimate

Things I like: I love the Flamenco blue color and all the pockets everywhere (including a goggle pocket). This jacket is designed for skiing/snowboarding and has features like a powder skirt (super helpful) and media pocket.

Things I don't like: Not a fan of the white inner jacket. My last jacket had lots of white spots and they got dirty really fast. I'm also not so thrilled with the price of $260. I suppose it would be worth it if it lasts me 10 years like the last jacket did.

We will see what I end up buying!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pink & Green Thursdays

I was feeling pink this week.

Notte by Marchesa silk organza dress

Some Lilly:

Monday, October 10, 2011

Want: Embellished Pumps

I'm lusting after a pair of embellished pumps. They are a little too heavy for Summer, and impractical for Winter in New England. BUT Fall is the perfect time for them.

Jimmy Choo, Faith Lace

Valentino, Crystal Bow Satin d'Orsay

Jimmy Choo, Luna Peep Toe

Oscar de la Renta, Jeweled d'Orsay

Lanvin, Strass Flower

All images from

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Love: Vintage style posters

A few of my favorite posters:

Vintage Home & Garden (Conde Nast)

My favorite restaurant, Central Park Boathouse. If only they actually sold this poster.

Found this on etsy, I will find the creator and credit later.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pink & Green Thursdays

Only two dresses this week.

Cynthia Steffe Lia Cerise dress.

Cynthia Steffe Wesley Grass Green dress. Love the color.

And a belt to add to the mix:

Oscar de la Renta Silk Bow Belt. I wish I could justify spending that much dough on a belt.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspire: running

I started running.

Now keep in mind I was that girl who walked around the track during gym class and took the whole period to make it to a mile. So the fact that I am running on my own free will is kinda a big deal.

I started by running for 10 minutes on the elliptical (I know, it is fake running) and increased by 5 minutes up to 20. I run twice a week and have a schedule down. On Mondays I run 2 - 2.5 miles and on Wednesdays I run a 5k. I've got my mile time down to under 9 minutes from 12 minutes. Say what?

Anyways, I hope you get inspired to start running!

And now my favorite work out clothes:

Love these shorts.

And these.

A great bra is key.

And a great resource on finding the right bra: