Saturday, May 5, 2012

Love: Derby Fashions

I may not be from the South, but there a whole bunch of Southern traditions and events I love. One of my favorite's is The Kentucky Derby aka the Run For The Roses.

I'm writing this as I watch the TWO hour lead up to the TWO minute race, and I was just thinking about if I ever get to go to the Derby (*cough*G*cough) what would I wear?

Well here are a few of my Derby Inspired choices:

Lilly Pulitzer, Serafina dress, $198

LP Franco dress, $228

LP Kelley dress, $198

LP Isabel dress, $238
Marley Lilly, $30

Marley Lilly, $36

Christine A. Moore Candida, $550 via

Giovannio Bridgette, $129 via

Plaza Suite Bristol, $160, via

If you're looking for a good MINT JULEP recipe the official Kentucky Derby one can be found on their website. I also found this one which people (aka the internet) seem to like: allrecipes.

I'm putting my money on I'll Have Another, because that is my kind of horse.

ED: AHHHHHH my pick won!! I'm so excited! Too bad I never bet money because I'm a scaredy cat.

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