Friday, May 25, 2012

Week in photos

Ever notice how the week before a big event or vacation starts off so slow then disappears before you know what happened? That was me this week. G and I are taking off for Memorial Day weekend in Boston, followed by a week in Austin.

We are in a huge time crunch at work right now, as the H-1B visa cap is about to hit (eek!), so even though I came in early and stayed late I feel like I'm no where close to finishing all of my cases. On top of that today (Friday) was my last day in the office for over a week!

Here is my week in photos:


name sake


Lilly & Pearls

Eat dessert first

It's lobstaaaaah season


Ghost bike. I saw the accident on Saturday :(

Gifts from coworkers


Fluffy cotton ball plant

Grecourt Gates from College Hall

New snapping turtle BFF


Morning walk to work

New haircut!

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