Sunday, June 3, 2012


This post marks 100 entries for me on this here blog. 

I'm not one to always pick something up and keep with it. Want proof? Look at my dating history. But the fact that I've made it to ONE HUNDRED posts excites me. Maybe I'm actually getting to the point in my life where I can appreciate a steady rhythm, and enjoy the familiar.

I've never been one to settle, I love uprooting myself, my relationships, and my style. G is by far the longest relationship I've been in, with a nasty (is it really nasty?) record of dumping my beaus by month 3. I don't think it is my fault... I get bored easily. When I start a relationship it's always because I'm deeply interested in someone, maybe they remind me of someone I'd like to get to know, or an experience I'd like to have. I've dated a wide variety of people, from the physics nerd who yearned to be Michael Cera, to the front man for a Deathcore band. But none of those relationships were fulfilling, and so I ended them all, usually not on good terms. Maybe it's because I've always dated people who were still trying to find themselves out, just like I was.

I have no regrets, each relationship has taught me something about myself. I don't like whiners or people who sit around sorry for themselves (Cera), nor do I like being an after thought while on tour (Deathcore). I like to be part of the team, which is what my relationship with G is like. He makes me a better person, while also letting me be my own person. It's a beautiful thing.

In my current journey of self discovery (how cliche is that?), I've been using blogs as a way to figure out what I like, experience new things, and see different perspectives on life.

I've tuned into my favorite aesthetics from home decor, artwork, and style. Pinterest is an amazing tool for collecting images that both define what you like and inspire you to seek more. I no longer buy things for shock value (a serious problem my 15-17 y.o. self had) but because they are made well, fit well, and will last decades.

If anything, this blog is like a scrap book up my final growth spurt into adulthood. I like being 24. I also sometimes like being mistaken for 16 because it means I can still get away with awful outfits on lazy weekends. I especially like dating someone who has been where I'm going, and can help me focus on the good things and forget the not-so-good things.

I hope by this time next year I'm at post number 200, and I can still recognize the voice from this post.

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