Monday, December 26, 2011

WANT: Cashmere of the Month Club

Perhaps you love looking through the J.Crew catalog as much as I do, or maybe you are lucky enough to have one of their stores close by so you don't need to shop out of the catalog or online.

Several years ago, while flipping through the catalog around the holiday season I noticed they mentioned the Cashmere of the Month Club. The catalog doesn't give any details, but suggests you call them to find out more.

I am a very curious cat.

I got around calling, by talking to one of the wonderful style specialists online.

The Club costs $2000 for the year, with an item for each of the 12 months. Items are handpicked by designers, and are normally a sweater style. When I asked if maybe a scarf or a sweater dress would be thrown into the mix I was told it definitely would be a sweater-style each month.

The sweater items are items normally found for sale through J.Crew, and there would be no "special" items that are Club-only... so you won't be missing any super secret awesome clothes by not joining. When you sign up for the Club you pick a size, and that's what they send you each month.

I imagine if you were a hubby, or loving bf, you would want to make sure you got the right J.Crew size, as the items cannot be exchanged or returned.

So how does the Club compare to buying the items on their own? Considering that J.Crew's cashmere sweaters typically run right around $200, the total bill for 12 of 'em would be right around $2400. By joining the club, you basically get 2 sweaters for free, at the price of choice. If you don't like it, you're stuck with it.

The Verdict:

I think this is a really cool gift idea for those that want to splurge on their sweetheart. I think a better gift just might be a $2000 J.Crew gift card so she can buy the cashmere she wants.

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