Friday, January 25, 2013

Shopping without Spending (very much!)

Getting a job with JCrew/Madewell was one of the best and worst decisions I ever made.

Yesterday JCrew had their associate sale- to push out the old to make room for Spring's new.

I got over $200 worth of clothes (1 mint toothpick cord, 1 pink toothpick cord, purple wool cafe capris, 1 necklace, 2 very pretty bangles, and a tshirt for the bf). Total cost for me? $50 total.

But there goes my paycheck from them this week (good thing I have another job!).

I just checked by BirchBox account and I have 220 points which equals about $20 to spend.

I'm trying to decide between a few items:

Chambre de Sucre Macaron Trinket Box - $14

BAGGU Zipper Bags - $12

Herringbone Napkins - $5

Ssupergoop! SPF 30 Sunstick - $15
TOCCA Candelina in Havana - $20

I'm definitely leaning towards the macaron trinket box.

But a sample of this:
Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo - $32

Was in my BirchBox this month and I loved it! The smell was divine!
It's expensive, but would make a great occasional shampoo.



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