Friday, January 18, 2013

2013! And Updates!

So I failed miserably at blogging these past few months.

But I have a ton of updates!

I got a job as a recruiter for a marketing company.

The company was a joke, and I'm pretty sure a pyramid scheme (via Smart Circle International).

I missed immigration work.

I started to interview for immigration paralegal positions.

One really big imressive firm kept dragging their feet about actually hiring me (even though they said tey wanted me) but we are a "huge company and just don't move that fast".

I waited 3 months... from my interview at the beginning of September... and they posted the job in May.

I interviewed with another firm, I got the offer, and took the position.

Gave my notice to the sketchy marketing firm.

And now I'm sitting at my paid, hour long lunch blogging.

Moved into my dream apartment with a HUGE walk-in closet.

I've got a FANTASTIC new roommate I met at Madewell.

Oh yeah, I work part time at Madewell too, and it is AWESOME.

My best friend is engaged and I'm super excited for her and the wedding (wherever it may be!)

My hair is bobbed, and I'm thinking about adding bangs.

I saw my familyand friends in Seattle in late November.

I hung out with my aunt and cousins for Christmas.

I've lost 3 dress sizes since moving to Colorado - down to a size 0 at Jcrew!

I walk every day.

I have new friends I go out to happy hour with.

I am really really happy with my life right now, and so excited for 2013.

Living a bright life,


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