Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I love the internet...

Because it gives me gems such as this:



Salmon. Don't even bring up Atlantic Salmon. It's insulting. Pacific Salmon are noble, gentle creatures and native Washingtonians can pick out a Coho from a Sockeye or Chinook on sight. That's a fact. We eat fresh Salmon for breakfast lunch and dinner while you're eating frozen seafood at Sizzler in a strip mall.

Oh, you have a Long John Silver's next to Applebee's?

Get hip to Ivar's, bitches.


Cascadia. Some day the Pacific Northwest will be its own NATION and we'll get to enjoy our wonderful region as it was meant to be; without a bunch of assholes moving here and bitching about the weather. Cascadia will be a land of rocky shores, emerald forests, golden prairies and glorious alpine peaks bountiful with apples, beer, elk and Amazon employees. It will be perfection, and we'll even let the weirdos from Portland join in.


and this:

Oh and you can also thank Washington State for being so awesome.

Colorado- you have a lot to prove.

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