Monday, June 25, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

G and I spent Memorial Day Weekend in Boston this year! It was the weekend right before heading down to Austin for the wedding, and it was a nice way to step back and take a deep breath.

peonies were blooming everywhere

Oldest bar in Boston

So much brick and ivy!

Possibly the best cafe in Boston.

Dream Home

Of course I went shopping...
Want this dress from Lilly Pulitzer

New bag from BAGGU
View from MIT bridge
Last night in town
Big thanks to our wonderful host, Steph, for putting us up and hanging out with us. Since G and I have been to Boston so much we mostly just walked around and ate (perfect weekend, right?). We took Stephanie to our favorite place to eat in Boston... well Jamaica Plain... Alex's Chimi's which is a sandwich shop.

Alex's chimis

brick row houses

juice fizz

Prudential Center fountain

Chandeliers at the Bee Hive

Vintage Lilly at The Garment District

fun clothes on Newbury

Lobster roll from Union Oyster House
I'll be back in Boston this weekend!

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