Monday, November 28, 2011

LOVE: Recommended Reading

I recently stumbled across Goodreads, a website that tracks what you read, what you thought, and gives recommendations.

Basically you set up an account, and begin to set up your profile. First you select the genres of books you like the most, followed by books in each genre that you may have read. You rate the books you've read on a 5 star system, and any books that come up that you've been meaning to read you mark as "I want to read" and the website adds it to your list.

There are a ton of suggested reading lists, including some pretty funny categories. I think my favorite was "YA Paranormal Romance That Is Not Twilight" (which included The Hunger Games) and "Best Kick-Ass Fantasy Female Characters From YA and Childrens" (which included a bunch of Tamora Pierce books and A Wrinkle in Time).

I think I finally found my version of Netflix.

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