Monday, November 21, 2011

Inspire: What are you thankful for?

I've paused from my frantic packing (okay not so frantic but I probably should be) to update tonight.

Tomorrow at 6am I'm boarding a plane to one of my favorite spots: Texas! I'll be spending Thanksgiving with G's family in Houston and I'm very excited to see their kind faces and soak in as much southern warmth as I can. It's getting chilly up here- even though it was unseasonably warm this weekend.

We have big plans for Thursday- including the annual Texas A&M V. U of Texas game. We (ok, G) got tickets to go- and it will be my first real football game (that time me and housemates snuck in first year didn't count- the stadium was the size of my high schools) and I'm very excited to buy my maroon out shirt. Hopefully I will get to see some of G's old haunts from his good old undergrad days.

Maybe (just maybe) me and his mom can go shopping too. The lady has excellent taste. Just not on black Friday- nobody wants to deal with that. Last time I spent the holiday with his parents G and I went to the zoo- it is free on black Friday... maybe as a way to thin the crowds at the mall?

I'll be back Sunday afternoon- just in time to rest up before work on Monday. Until then here are a few things I'm thankful for:

A healthy body that can run 3 more miles this year then last.

A silly bunny that drives me a little crazy in the good way

A caring boyfriend who is reasonable, grounded and reassuring (the best).

A good job, with great colleagues who recognize my strengths and help me with my weaknesses

Getting to go to Hogwarts for our anniversary (like I said, best bf ever)

A new member of our herd, a baby hedgehog we will be picking up very soon

An awesome new apartment with cheaper rent, more room and a much much better landlord

Being able to splurge on clothing now an then now that aforementioned rent is so cheap

Being able to spend my time baking on the weekend and using all our great gadgets

That G likes (nearly) all the same food as me! Otherwise it would be a problem.

I'll try to update Thursday as well- but we will see!


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