Friday, October 14, 2011

Want: New Winter Jacket

Winter's coming. That was a totally nerdy reference to A Song of Ice and Fire, better known as the Game of Thrones series. G is a huge fan of the series and has read all of them (before the show even came out).

Even though it is fall in New England, I know from experience that winter is just around the corner. The Burton snowboarding jacket I've been using since I started skiing at 13 is on its last legs. It just doesn't keep me as warm anymore and its no longer the color I bought it.

Last year I barely used it since G and I didn't get ski passes, and for the super cold winter days I wear a LL Bean ultrawarm down coat for the walk to work.

But this year we have season passes to Mount Snow (yay) and I need to suck it up and buy a ski jacket that keeps me warm. I'm not the biggest fan of tight fitting jackets which is why I've always been drawn to the boxy snowboarding jackets.

Here are the contenders:

LL Bean's Mountain Laurel 3-in-1

Things I like: the heathered look to the jacket fabric, and the crazy cool quilting on the inner jacket which I would totally look on its own. Also the price is great at $160 + free shipping from LL Bean.

Things I don't like: That the website doesn't tell me how many pockets there are (I love pockets!). The reviews say it is a little short and barely hits at the hips, but I'm short so I hope that doesn't pose a problem. This jacket also doesn't seem to be designed for skiing/boarding and might lack sport-specific features.

North Face's Kira Triclimate

Things I like: I love the Flamenco blue color and all the pockets everywhere (including a goggle pocket). This jacket is designed for skiing/snowboarding and has features like a powder skirt (super helpful) and media pocket.

Things I don't like: Not a fan of the white inner jacket. My last jacket had lots of white spots and they got dirty really fast. I'm also not so thrilled with the price of $260. I suppose it would be worth it if it lasts me 10 years like the last jacket did.

We will see what I end up buying!

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